Cell phone Repairs

Gadget care center has extensive experience providing cell phone repairs. Whether you require extensive repairs and replacement for batteries, touchscreens, speakers, microphones, cameras or virtually any aspect of the hardware in your phone our team can quickly replace these selections and with 100% manufacturer parts.

Our cell phone repair team is cable of repairing all of the top phones in the marketplace including Apple iPhone, Samsung and Google devices. We can source parts for nearly any model required so that you can always have access to the finest in technology.

Getting your cell phone repaired through a manufacturer could potentially mean you will have to go without your device for months. With the help of our cell phone repair services we can quickly replace home buttons, charging ports, batteries, touchscreen displays, speakers, cameras and more. The best part is that we can perform all of these repairs without you having to go without your device over a long-term. Our repair specialists can give you the repairs required and sometimes even just within a few hours.

With hundreds of parts available in stock we could even provide you with some same-day repairs on popular phone models. Getting the longest lifespan of your device sometimes means replacing various hardware components and with our skilled experts you can always keep your devices and top shape.

Contact us at any time for a free quote on a variety of repairs, update services and refurbishing services for your cell phone. Whether you are finding that your device is running slowly, having difficulty keeping a charge or presenting difficulty with talking or texting, bring it into our expert so that we can recommend hardware changes or repairs that could be used for you to really enjoy your device again.

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With extremely fast turnaround times as well as repair services for a huge selection of tablets our team can make sure that you can always access some of your favorite devices. Whether you need repair services for a new Ipad, an older model Apple Ipad or an android tablet like Samsung we can source some of the original manufacturer parts and help to repair them to as good as new condition.

Our skilled team is capable of providing full replacement on full tablet screens, casings, charging ports, chargers, cameras, internal hardware and more. Hardware replacement and repair on tablet devices requires precision and skill. Our team has been working in this industry over many decades and over the course of our career we have seen a huge selection of devices in the tablet marketplace. We can get your device back you much faster than you would be able to receive it shipping it out to the factory and we can perform troubleshooting and backup services to protect as much data as possible.

Our tablet and iPad repairs from Gadget care center are backed by a guarantee to beat out our competitors. We stand behind our work and it's our goal to showcase our repair services. No matter what type of tablet you bring into us we will do our best to provide you with the best possible repair services and manufacturer parts to get it back up and running again. With full LCD and Retina display screen replacements we can fix a simple cracked screen issue all the way up to overheating and charging issues on your tablet device. Enjoy being able to use your device confidently again and accessing all of your favorite apps.

Contact our team today or come visit us with your tablet or iPad for a quote on our repair services.

Gadget Care center can help your device unlock all of its capabilities by providing professional unlock services for all of the top cellphones. This means that if you have a leading smart phone and you would like to have the option to use it on any plan as well as access the full spectrum of features available on that phone, we can provide jailbreak and unlock services on major model cell phones including Samsung, HTC, LG, Iphone and more.

Having the advantage to compare various plans as well as transfer your plan to any competitors phone plan will help you to save money at every turn as well as have the full features of your device available. Many carriers provide limitations on the types of software updates that are available to a given cellphone. Manufacturers can also limit some of the compatibility and applications available. With the help of our professional unlocking services you can install almost any app across every app marketplace compatible with that manufacturer. It's also possible for you to consistently change cell plans as well as use this device across any carrier or provider in your area.

Unlocking a device yourself can put the hardware at risk. Gadget Car Center professionals have had experience unlocking hundreds of phones for our customers and we take full responsibility during the unlocking process. If we don’t feel confident unlocking your device we won’t attempt the process. However, it is important to note that we can unlock some of the most popular brands of cell phone on the market with confidence.

If you have always wanted an unlocked cell phone or your rates are simply growing too expensive you should consider contacting us today for cell phone unlock services. We can perform unlocking services that Gadget Care Center in the same day that you drop your device off and help you take advantage of the savings and freedom immediately.

Contact our team today to find out if your cell phone can be unlocked by our staff and to receive a quote for the unlock services. Feel free to visit us directly for phone unlocking services too.


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